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Being present, and taking advantage of life's best pleasures, has become increasingly difficult with the inescapability of the internet and personal hand-held technologies. The edges of time and distance blur and meld; reality becomes virtual. Balance is lost.


Origins of Food's custom retreats strip us back to our most innate senses, forcing us into the moment to  engage with our immediate surroundings of the natural world.


We understand how the powers of food, community and nature interact to have a profound impact on not only our personal perspective of place but also our general overall worldview. We know how that perspective can have large implications on a person's ability to successfully and constructively navigate their way through their professional, and personal, journeys.


Our retreats promote personal mindfulness which can have compounding positive effects on our overall well being. We focus on personal development through reflection and relaxation, as well as providing your team with a community experience where they feel connected and integrated with each other.


We promote a holistic lifestyle and work-life balance by introducing healthy food, self-awareness, intentional movement and plenty of good fun through our curated programs.

Introduce equilibrium back to your office space. Get in contact with Origins of Food today to begin designing a customized program for your team or workplace. We organize programs of any length in beautiful locations around the U.S. and abroad.

"I have learned more than I could ever learn in a lecture hall."

- Katie F., Oregon

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