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Agritourism Consulting

Looking to diversify your farm or food business's income?

Our mission is to reconnect people with where their food comes from, and to help small food producers and farmers while doing so. We have experience working with a wide spectrum of farms and food businesses from wineries and coffee cooperatives to permaculture organizations, cheesemakers and apiaries.

As customers continue to get more curious as to where their food comes from, agritourism is a great way for farms and food producers of all sizes to draw in new customer bases and expand revenue with on-site tours, workshops and events.

Even if you think you don't have the "right" infrastructure or have zero interest in marketing, agritourism can work for your farm or food business.

We are based in Vermont's Champlain Valley and can visit your site if you're within a two-hour drive, or we are able to work remotely if you are further away. Contact us today to see how we can collaborate!

También, hablamos español.
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