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Roots of Agriculture

Sample Nine Day Itinerary

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This faculty-led program was designed for Washington State University's CAHNRS school of agriculture students. We collaborated with the professor who offered this as part of a 2-credit 300-level class.


Days 1 - 3: Antigua

  • Introduction to Guatemala and orientation session

  • Visit FEDECOCAGUA, Guatemala's largest coffee cooperative to learn about the commodity's processing, certifications and long supply chain

  • De la Gente coffee tour and workshop, pepian cooking class and lunch in farmer's home

  • Antigua food market tour and food access activity

  • Caoba Organic Farms tour, seed saving workshop and farm-to-table lunch


Days 4 - 6: San Lucas Toliman, Lake Atitlan

  • Driving from Antigua to the coastal lowlands, we will witness what conventional agriculture looks like in Central America before returning to the higher elevation of Lake Atitlan.

  • We will stay with the locally-run organization CCDA where we'll learn about their multi-tiered approach to address their communities’ food security issues including initiatives such as large-scale coffee production, huertas (home gardens), free-range chickens, tilapia ponds and vermiculture.


Days 7 - 9: San Juan La Laguna, Lake Atitlan

  • We wrap up in quaint San Juan de la Laguna, an indigenous community  that has retained its traditions and is known for its natural dye textiles.

  • Early morning hike to the “Nariz” cliff face, where we’ll catch sunrise over the lake and finished with La Voz coffee cooperative coffee tasting

  • Beekeeping tour and workshop

  • Natural dyes and textile workshop with a women's weaving cooperative

  • Free time for ethical, Fairly Traded, souvenir shopping

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