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Preventative Health: Peru

Summer 2022

Through our partnership with Duquesne University, we are proud to offer a program that joins service learning with academic learning outside of the classroom.

The Duquesne and Origins of Preventative Health: Peru program is a 21 day, 3 semester credit summer program that explores healthcare around coastal and highland Peru. 


Peru has one of the fastest growing economies in the world, is the most popular tourism site in South America and has recently been recognized as an international culinary destination. Despite this there are still significant disparities between urban and rural populations, public and private health care and modern and traditional medicine. This course explores the health situation in Peru, including understanding the burden of disease, the health care system and approaches being taken to promote health and prevent disease, including traditional medicine and agriculture. We will also explore social determinants of health with a particular emphasis on determinants related to food systems and nutrition.


It’s not possible to truly understand health and health system of a country without understanding its diverse cultures, ways of life and political systems. We will explore the capital city of Lima, where 30% of the country now resides, the coastal desert region of Ica as well as the traditional Andean way of life in the region of Cusco. From the cliffs of the Pacific Ocean to the cobblestone streets of the Incan capital of Cusco, from remote farming villages in the Sacred Valley to the ancient city of Machu Picchu, we will learn about the country’s innovative promotora system, sustainable agricultural methods, cuisine in the sierra and coast, and traditional medicines. Finally, we will push ourselves physically as we hike three days through the Sacred Valley to Machu Picchu to get the best view of the ancient city in the clouds.


At each location we will meet with experts in the field who can share the story of their work, whether they are community organizers, non-profit leaders, healthcare professionals, farmers or government employees.



Trip Dates: May 15- June 4, 2022


Deadline for Application: February 1, 2022. Please contact us or Adrian Wright-Fitzgerald  at the Duquesne University for deadline information. Currently, the trip is still open.

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Academic Credit: Receive 3 Academic Credits!

"I have learned more than I could ever learn in a lecture hall."

- Katie F., Oregon

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