In addition to our standard Origins of Food programming, we customize Service Learning Trips and Alternative Breaks for schools, businesses and groups. We strongly believe in working directly with local organizations and communities to determine how we can best collaborate together to meet their needs. Whether it's building modular homes, developing and executing public health awareness campaigns or simply experiencing a week in another person's shoes, we have a high standard of ethics we always aim to follow.

We offer:


We have a combined ten years of experience developing ethical, sustainable and innovative volunteer projects. We take into consideration participants' skills, communities' needs and our time and budget constraints. 


We are not limited to just food-based programming. Whether you are a faculty member who is leading an engineering themed program to Central America or a pre-med student who wants to organize a health-focused program for your classmates, let us know and we can create an experiential education itinerary specifically for you!


Our in-country contacts will collaborate with us to develop the most relevant program for your students' interests and academic needs. We currently visit communities in the U.S., Latin America, Australia and New Zealand.

Upcoming Student Programs

The BU and Origins of Food Guatemala: Food and Health program is a 9 day Alternative Spring Break program that explores food and healthcare around the beautiful Meso-American country of Guatemala.


Through the lens of food systems and production, we will engage in a dialogue that studies many of the social, environmental and economic issues that are currently in play within this small but resilient Central American country. We’ll team with a local food advocacy and indigenous rights group and get our hands dirty working on a community-initiated agroecology project.

The GMU and Origins of Food Maternal and Child Health: Peru program is a 3 week, 3 semester credit summer program that explores healthcare around Peru, land of the Incas.


This “Maternal Health” program intends to explore Peru’s history of traditional medicine and its transition to modern healthcare through the lens of maternal health. Over the course of three weeks, we will witness the variety of healthcare services and how they affect different parts of the population depending on wealth, geography, and social class. From private hospitals to rural clinics, we will meet with doctors, specialists, and healthcare workers to discuss the realities of health for Peruvians. We'll get our hands dirty at an organic farm that produces traditional herbal remedies and embark on a three-day journey through the Andes that culminates at the ancient ruins of Macchu Picchu.

The IPSL and Origins of Food Guatemala One Health: Ecology, Culture, Justice program is a 3 week, 3 semester credit Summer Break program that take students from the black sand coasts into the tropical mountain forests of Guatemala.


This program will be an intensive and interactive study abroad and service opportunity to engage with the culture, food, lifestyle, agriculture economy, and human, animal, and environmental health of Guatemala through expert lecturers, service projects, and site visits. During this program, students will critically examine, through a One Health lens, the social, political and cultural impact of food production on the environment, animals, and people of Guatemala, both in and out of the classroom setting.

Origins of Food will partner with Washington State University for "The Roots of Agriculture,"  a food and agricultural focused program in Guatemala over Spring Break.


This 9 day Alternative Spring Break program examines the country's important ties to agriculture through a number of scenarios. We will look at agriculture's essential connection to employment, accounting for a massive portion of the country's workforce. We will assess agriculture's contribution to land use, both negative and positive, and try to understand the complicated history of land ownership throughout Latin America. We will also review the agricultural industry's clear environmental and social impacts. We'll do all this while also enjoying Guatemala's delicious culinary offerings and by soaking in some of the isthmus' most beautiful landscapes.


We develop service learning projects on a case-by-case basis, depending on what the community's needs are at that point in time.

Origins of Food carries professional liability insurance and meets most schools' strict criteria, including an established reputation, professional and experienced staff, working knowledge of all our destinations, quality operations, and financial responsibility.


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