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Wild Foods with the Vermont Wild Kitchen

Photo: The Mushroom Forager

Day and Time: Friday, September 2, 8:30 AM - 6:00 PM

Price: $125, Lunch and Light Dinner are included

GOOD FOR: Hands on adventurers! Anyone interested in connecting with wild landscapes and traditional foodshed of the Champlain Valley. A reward for our hard work will be a wild foods inspired meal, celebrating the relationship between earth, water, fire and air. Workshops, picnic lunch and a light wild foods dinner are included.

Program Partners:

The Mushroom Forager will lead us on a two-hour mushroom foray in mixed coniferous and deciduous forest. Armed with their “Mushroom Foragecast,” we’ll learn the strategy, safety, ethics, and sustainability of wild foraged mushrooms. If luck is on our sides, we’ll have a bounty of porcini and chanterelles to enjoy for dinner.

Let's Go Fishing with Vermont Fish and Wildlife. This clinic emphasizes that fishing is more than catching fish by: educating participants about water ecology and fishing; helping participants become aware of and appreciate Vermont’s fish population, their habitat needs, and ways to be stewards of these resources; and teaching proper fishing skills and ethics, including respect for the resource and the responsibility to know the rules and regulations of fishing. We’ll also learn how to clean and prepare our catch of the day for dinner.

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