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Food Sovereignty

Photo: Seeds of Renewal Project

Day and Time: Saturday, September 3, 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM

Price: $150, Lunch is included

GOOD FOR: Educators, social justice advocates and folks looking to learn about innovative food access solutions for their communities. All workshops and tours included.

Program Partners:

The Intervale Center is a dynamic non-profit in Burlington that implements innovative, replicable and place-based solutions to address some of global agriculture’s most pressing problems. They are transforming the food system from one that is degrading, anonymous and industrial, to one that is restorative, familiar and human-scale with a mission to strengthen community food systems. Founded in 1988, the Intervale Center manages a 360-acre campus of farmland, trails and open space along the Winooski River in Burlington, VT. For 30 years, they’ve led a community food revolution with game-changing initiatives like community-supported agriculture (CSA), large-scale composting, food hubs and farm incubators. They continue to innovate so that more good food is available for anyone who wants it.


New Farms For New Americans is a community-based gardening and agriculture program for refugees and immigrants. NFNA provides education and training for farmers who are new to the U.S. and may be unaccustomed to Vermont's climate. With long agrarian traditions including organic practices, food preservation, and seed saving, NFNA's farmers have so much to teach and share with the Vermont agricultural community. We’ll observe a worksop in progress, tour the gardens, chat with a farmer and learn about different growing techniques, and taste some culturally significant foods!


Vermont Garden Network leads the state’s garden movement by educating, supporting and connecting gardeners. VGN believes in the power of people growing food together to strengthen food security, promote food justice and build community. Their mission is to cultivate well-being by helping people of all ages access resources to grow food, build confidence and connect with each other. We’ll meet a garden educator to learn about their Community Teaching Garden Course and we’ll participate in a hands-on food preservation workshop.


Seeds of Renewal Project was founded in 2012 as an outgrowth of the research conducted for the four Abenakis tribes' Vermont state recognition petitions. The Project is based at the Vermont Indigenous Heritage Center at the Intervale. It offers classes and workshops, including "Wabanaki Seed School,' "Wabanaki Planting School," in the spring and "Wabanaki Harvest School" in the fall. The Project's current major focus is the "Abenaki Year Program," which aligns agricultural ceremonies, horticultural activities and material culture with their appropriate time in the ecological year, so as to develop a comprehensive agricultural calendar that can be repeated with regularity in a permanent Indigenous environment.  We’ll meet a gardener who will show us a variety of agriculture: restored Aboriginal/indigenous ecosystems, agroforestry, shade medicine garden and the three sisters. We’ll walk the path to the Winooski River to see how the natural ecosystem acts and learn about the ongoing experimental work within the Abenaki community for food equity, food sovereignty, and public education.

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