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Regenerative Agritourism (Central Vermont)

Day and Time: Saturday, August 27, 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Price: $100, Lunch is included

Good for: Anyone interested in regenerative agriculture practices and how they tie into agritourism, including fruit and nut orchards, ruminant grazing, and vegetable/herb production. This will be a hands-on day!

Photo: Green Mountain Girls Farm

Program Partners:

Green Mountain Girls Farm is steeped in the rich culture of Vermont’s working landscape and is one of a few Vermont pilot farms certified by the Vermont Environmental Stewardship Program. Their regenerative practices aim to grow food in ways that capture the greatest potential of the sun, rain and natural systems, while enhancing food quality, plant health, soil life and ecosystems. They also host quite a few agritourism events, as well as farmstays and farm-to-table meals.  After a walking and tasting tour, groups will split off by interests to dive deeper into a zone of interest and hands-on action. We will then gather in the large barn to enjoy an incredibly fresh farm-to-table lunch.


Perfect Circle Farm is a small family run farm and nursery that specializes in growing nut trees, fruit trees and berry shrubs. They grow most of what they sell from seed, cuttings or by grafting, and travel far and wide to collect germplasm from all over the country from the best plant materials for northern growing. 


Ananda Gardens is a diverse, small scale farm, located 10 minutes from downtown Montpelier. Operated and owned by a bicultural family of four: Patrick the farmer, Melisa the Chef and Health Coach, and the daughters Ananda and Baby Munay, they work in collaboration with a skillful and inspired team of young farm workers. Their mission is to provide healthy food and wellness to their community working in connection with nature, and inspire healthy living. They are committed to organic and regenerative farming practices and advocate a whole food plant based diet. They offer fresh, delicious, and nutritious organic veggies through a home delivery CSA, market style farmstand CSA, wholesale accounts and with recipes and cooking classes.

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