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Agritourism on a Village Scale

Photo: New Leaf Organics

Day and Time: Sunday, August 28, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Price: $150, Lunch is included

GOOD FOR: Everyone! Small business owners, families, permaculture enthusiasts and anyone looking to learn about community-centered agritourism practices. Hands-on workshop, beer tastings included.

Program Partners:

New Leaf Organics is a first generation woman-owned business that grows organic flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit in the beautiful Champlain Valley. The farm, part of a vibrant agricultural community, hosts events in its barn, a resident baker, has a farm stand that sells local foods from around the region, and offers a yurt farmstay. We will tour the farm and partake in a floral workshop, harvesting and creating a unique wearable straight from the field!

Hogback Mountain Brewing is ​​a small, family-owned brewery with one of the state’s few female brewmasters. Sam is a 2017 graduate of the American Brewers Guild and is the creative force behind many of their brews. Hogback offers a taproom and back patio to rent for private gatherings, fundraisers, or parties and partners with Lucky Star Catering to offer a farm-fresh menu that rotates monthly and uses the best local ingredients the season has to offer. We’ll enjoy a flight of brews alongside a catered lunch sourced from just a few miles away.

Wild Roots Farm is a veteran-owned farm that focuses on education centered around agro-ecology and agro-forestry through community engagement. By hosting workshops and internships with specific groups such as K-12 schools, college students, veterans and lawmakers, they work diligently to engage their community through an ecological lens, encouraging the understanding that food can be grown or raised in many ways and at all scales. 

V Smiley Preserves makes honey sweetened preserves, specializing in intricate textured flavors, often straight from their home farm. They invest in their local foodshed, support organic growing practices and make the country’s only nationally available honey sweetened preserves. The company took home Good Food Awards in 2019, 2020, and 2021. V Smiley Preserves will soon open Minifactory, a coffee shop, eatery and small retail location for specialty grocery and local produce. The kitchen of Minifactory homes both V Smiley Preserves production and Minifactory food operations. V Smiley Preserves and Minifactory are queer owned/run.

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